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We are all one in this fight

We are all one in this fight
Dear Falcon Faithful,
These are truly unprecedented times we are now facing in this global health crisis surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. It has taken me some time to comprehend what is going on as it relates to Concordia Wisconsin Athletics due to the fluidity of the situation. These have been some of the hardest weeks of my professional career as my heart is saddened for our student-athletes, especially our seniors, coaches and teams who have had their seasons that they have worked so hard for cut short.
During these times sports take a back seat to taking care of yourself, family and watching out for your friends and neighbors. It may be hard to think, but our relationships are most important at this moment.
There are so many questions that I don’t have an answer to and frankly, nobody does because this pandemic changes the way we do and think about things on a daily basis.
When can we get back on campus? When can we start training again for our seasons? When can we practice again? Those are just some of the dozens of questions I have received from our student-athletes and coaches over the past few weeks. It has been difficult for all of us.
Faith and culture are words we use often around our athletic department. We all have Faith in our God that he will do the right thing for us, watch over us during these difficult times and keep us safe. Our Faith has always been strong at CUW and it is one of the many things that will help us get through this together.
Culture is something we talk about often because our culture is built on many principles. A lot of the meaning revolves around our mission statement to develop in mind, body and spirit. Our culture within athletics is Christ-centered, is about the truth and integrity of competing hard and with sportsmanship, excelling on the field and in the classroom, and serving ourselves and others to the best of our God-giving abilities.

I will tell you this, there isn’t a minute that goes by, that I don’t miss looking out my window and seeing our student-athletes practicing or walking by the weight room and watching them prepare for their next season.
I know CUW athletics is and will always be a huge part of our lives. I know one thing though, that fire within will keep us all pushing forward until we are able to get back on the field again competing as Falcons. Competing as one team with one common goal – to be champions!
Before we can lace up the cleats, put on the gloves and wear the Royal Blue and White with pride again, we must listen to our healthcare providers and their recommendations to rid COVID-19 of our lives. If we all do our part, we will triumph over this invisible opponent, put our lives back to normal and be back together soon enough.
Please follow us on and all of our social media accounts, including our many team accounts to stay connected.
Please stay safe.
Dr. Rob Barnhill
Concordia Wisconsin Director of Athletics
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